SWITZERLAND - Luzern & Mount Titlis


Lucerne's Lion Monument


Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche) in the background

Lucerne's Jesuit Church is the first large baroque church built in Switzerland north of the alps. First and foremost is an expression of the Catholic Church's 17th century struggle to regain spiritual leadership in the counter-reformation At the same time it does show, that the Catholics then refused to accept any discussion on major points of criticism by the protestant churches. Instead, baroque architecture displays power and glory and emphasizes exactly those parts of Catholic tradition (especially the veneration of saints) and visual culture (as opposed to the protestant emphasis on the word of the biblical scriptures).
There is perfect logic that Lucerne, seeing itself as the capital of the Catholic fraction of Switzerland in pre-modern times, should have constructed this building. Today, Jesuit Church is a major tourist attraction and serves as a concert hall while it has become almost irrelevant to local church life from a religious point of view. There are other churches in the city expressing the beliefs of Swiss Catholics after the Second Vatican Council far better (St. Karl and St. Johannes, for example).


The other notable sight in Lucerne is the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) and Water Tower. In fact, there are two bridges in this photo, the Kapellbrücke is the covered bridge in the background. The body of water is the edge of Lake Lucerne.


The church on the left is the Hofkirche. Lucerne was an interesting city. Being a Saturday, there were lots of people out and about strolling down the cobblestone streets, which where lined with various shops. It has a very stereotypical European/Switzerland feel to it, and the good weather and lake and surrounding mountains added to its appeal.






At one of the shops we can buy a Swiss Army Knife (the mountaineer style from Victorinox) and Rolex watch at House of ROLEX


The following day was a fairly mellow day. (Which everyone definitely needed after the crazy-wild party that went down the night before...). Engelberg is a very small village, whose economy seemed entirely based upon catering to skiers who utilize one of the mountains surrounding the village. Most people went up Mount Titlis. There are three levels of cable cars to take you up to the top of the mountain, which is a little over 3 000 metres (10 000 feet) above sea level. (The bottom, i.e. Engelberg, is around 1 000 metres about sea level, though). Each "level" (cable car stop) has a chalet and there is still snow at the top two levels. (A few people on the tour went skiing/snowboarding).


Pegunungan Alps dan danau kota Lucerne yang menawan


Pemandangan indah di bawah kaki Mount Titlis


It's really really beautiful mountain covered with snow


Engelberg and water pond


Engelberg city seen from cable-car


The ride up the cable car provided nice views of the Swiss Alps



For the non-skiers, there was an inner tube track. The track was shaped like a "C" and was maybe a few hundred metres in total length. The sides are banked so you'll stay on the track. At the top you grab an inner tube and one of the people managing the track pulls the cord attached to the inner tube to send you flying down the track. It was lots of fun!


Main Ski di puncak gunung Titlis memang mengasyikkan, apalagi pakai hujan salju


Di dalam goa es di puncak Titlis, serasa masuk kulkas.......brrrrr.............


Eee........jatuh action kok.........emang syik-asyik bergulingan di salju


Mount Titlis


Cable car on Mount Titlis











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